Anger management

“Anger and fear are present in all diseases. This is because emotions, such as fear and anger, when held too long, create chemical reactions in your body that do not support your health.” Dr. Christiane Northrup

Anger does not mean aggression and need not lead to unwanted, hostile interactions with close friends, colleagues, and family members. However, if the emotional state more often than not leads to negative consequences, then therapy is a commonly sought and effective solution to restoring balance and controlled responses to emotions and feelings.

Life, stress, work, children, ageing parents. Competing pressures all play a key role in how we feel and react. The combination of high stress, anxiety and fatigue with a confrontational situation can lead to our reactions having far-reaching effects on relationships.

Anger Management Counselling assists greatly in raising awareness of likely triggers, predicting and anticipating potentially challenging situations and proactively setting our lives up to take responsibility, restore balance and realise success.

Let me help you find effective ways to express and reduce your anger.