Domestic violence counselling

Domestic Violence – or intimate partner violence – affects people of all ages from all backgrounds. It is pervasive and has a major impact on the victim, their family, and the community. While we generally think if Domestic Violence as physical, it can also be social, financial, emotional and spiritual, and includes the threat of violence.

Statistics on the prevalence of the problem indicate that domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic.

A 2013 report of the World Health Organization (WHO) entitled Global and Regional Estimates of Violence Against Women: Prevalence and Health Effects of Intimate Partner Violence and Non-Partner Sexual Violence found that intimate partner violence affects 30% of women worldwide and is the most prevalent type of violence against women. The WHO estimates that 38% of all women murdered are killed by their intimate partner, although recognising this is likely an underestimation.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 4906.0 – Personal Safety, Australia, 2012 (2013) is the largest and most recent survey of violence in Australia. It found that one in three victims of current partner violence during the previous 12 months (33.3%) and since the age of 15 (33.5%) were male.

It is a criminal offence to cause physical harm, sexual abuse, damage property, harm pets, stalk or threaten to injure or kill.

Domestic violence counselling is just one avenue of support for you if you are in this situation. Deciding to leave a violent relationship is very difficult and requires careful planning and support. Everyone has the right to respectful, loving relationships and no one should live in fear.

Take action against violence today – call me so that I can help you at this difficult time.