Grief counselling

Loss is a universal experience, which unfortunately we will all understand at some time in our lives. It is unavoidable and is often life changing.

Grief describes the emotions we feel and the reactions we have after losing someone or something that is important to us, and includes our physical, psychological, social and emotional reactions. Whenever there is a loss, or a perceived loss of importance in our lives, there is grief.

Bereavement describes the process of how we react to grief and pain, how we respond emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally and how we adapt to our life beyond the loss.

To feel grief after loss is normal and healthy. Yet the experience is unique and means something different to each one of us, depending on our psychological, spiritual, sociological and philosophical perceptions.

If you are experiencing grief, you are likely at times to feel overwhelmed, powerless and alone.  Even though grieving privately is important to many people, I strongly recommend seeking help through this painful process in order to express your feelings and emotions fully so that you can resolve, manage and overcome them and adopt healthy coping strategies.