“I never really understood the power of choosing the right subject/right words till I saw you in action yesterday……thanks Sue…..very impressive”

Highvale resident

“Sue genuinely tries to understand my perspective and listens completely. I know I am important to her and she has thought about my situation, even after our session has finished.   I feel valued and that makes her an amazing therapist. I have no hesitation recommending Sue – she is so good at what she does!”

Sarah, Cedar Creek

“For years I felt dull. My life was like ground hog day. As I approached 50, I was feeling disappointed with where I was at. My friend referred me to Sue and whilst I was sceptical at first, I now have a weekly appointment which I never miss. I am taking control of my life and re-inventing myself. I haven’t felt this alive in decades.”

Samford Valley resident

“Many years ago I was in an abusive relationship but I thought I had moved on. I was never able to find a fulfilling relationship; they seemed to end badly, sadly or without commitment. A friend referred me to Sue and she has opened a new door for me. I now feel like a different person and I happy for the first time in years.”

ex- Samford resident

“Sue literally saved my marriage. I was ready to leave my husband but wanted to do the ‘counselling’ thing first. I have been to counsellors in the past but no one compares to Sue. She was outstanding and helped me through my darkest days. Thank you Sue.”

Albany Creek resident

“Sue Orreal ! You are the most amazing woman Leigh Currie-Sims and I have ever met! You have guided us through our business and made us who we are today. We love, love, love you from the bottom of our hearts xxx.”

Samford Business Owners

“She is a gem love you Sue Orreal

Ronni Grevell

“I can’t recommend sue high enough her level of professionalism, down to earth approach and the results I have gotten from my sessions with her have been amazing.

Sue has helped me through a time in my life where I have needed that extra caring, compassion and amazing knowledge that she has in abundance.

Sue has gone over and above in finding ways to understand me and the issues that I have been going through. Sue has also helped 2 of my children and other family members.”

Benita, Cedar Creek