Marriage and relationship counselling

In Australia, over 40 per cent of all marriages end in divorce over a 30-year period, and marriage rates have dropped to the lowest rate they have been in one hundred years. (ABS, 2007)  Somewhere around one million people in Australia have experienced divorce.

This means the risk of stress, illness and serious mental health problems increases greatly for men and women, as well as their children who are also affected by divorce.

A recent Relationships Australia survey showed that fifty per cent of people between the ages of 25 and 39 when asked about their motive for marriage said that they wanted ‘lifelong commitment’. People in their forties or older said that if they were to marry, a major reason would be to provide security and stability to their children. (Clohesy, 2001)

Communication difficulties, general incompatibility, infidelity, not spending enough time at home, and disagreements over money are common reasons for marriage breakdown.

Relationships are necessarily complex. Therefore it is important for consideration to be given to the uniqueness of each couple and the experiences, hopes, problems, and fears each brings to the marriage.

A skilled Counsellor will provide a safe and unbiased environment that stimulates discussion where perhaps communication has been stifled. Observation of the couple’s reactions and interactions will guide the counsellor to form constructive conclusions and resolutions about their future together.

There’s no need for you to try to resolve your relationship difficulties when I can offer you marriage and relationship counselling.